Mallard Order x Mutants NFT

How to stake

- Go to https://labs.mutant-nft.com/projects/mallardorder and select the project you want to stake

- On the project's page go to "STAKING"

- Select the NFTs you want to stake - Click on the Stake button and sign the transaction

- Your NFTs are staked!

Mutant Labs use a live claiming mechanism where after you build up one token from staking you are already eligible to claim.

How to claim rewards

- Go to https://labs.mutant-nft.com/rewards and connect your wallet;

- Click on "REWARDS"

- Check the balance and claim your tokens.


Are my NFTs locked?

No, you can un-stake your NFT whenever you want.

Do I need to wait to claim my rewards?

No, as soon as you have one token to claim you are eligible to.

My stakes don't show, did I lose my NFTs?

After the NFT leaves your wallet it goes directly to the smart contract: . If your NFT is there, it is safely stored and you are earning the rewards. The website has to sync with the SC, it syncs instantly and the NFTs are shown, but sometimes it might take a few minutes.

Do I need ADA to stake? Are there any fees?

Yes, we recommend you to have at least 10 ADA in your wallet to use the staking system. Here are the fees: Stake - 2 ADA fee per transaction (you can stake from 1 to 100 NFTs and pay the SAME 2ADA fee); Un-stake - 2 ADA fee ; Claim - 2 ADA fee. We charge these fees to maintain the platform and the tools we've built. Be aware that you need to pay the blockchain fee on top of the Labs one, that's why we recommend at least 10 ADA.

I'm getting an error message when staking my NFTs.

Most errors can be solved with this:

- Reset your collateral

- Use an incognito tab

- Send 10 ADA to yourself and try again.

If none of this works go to: https://discord.gg/mutantnft and open a support ticket.

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